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Food Safety

At Layton’s Produce Company food safety is an integral part of our entire operation.  It also includes non-production items such as training of employees and training materials.

Food Safety is not a static program. It is dynamic in nature. Management actions ensure that Food Safety fits comfortably into the overall objective of Layton’s Produce.

The goal of the food safety program is to institute a proactive system for its operation whereby any potential product hazards are anticipated and controlled from product reception through distribution.  Food safety and quality control is the responsibility of all our employees and product providers.  Management has provided the tools and established guidelines for producing safe, wholesome, quality products.  All employees are accountable for consistently maintaining these standards.

The food safety program has been established with the help of the company officers.  Although the burden of food safety and quality control is in the hands of management and supervisors, all employees serve as inspectors when product moves through their area. Our employees are authorized to hold or reject product found to be out of compliance, subject to the evaluation and final approval of authorized management.

The purpose of our food safety plan is to help ensure that environmental conditions and plant practices are sound and reduce the risk of producing unsafe products.

This plan is designed to address specific points of our process, according to the type of product we market, the material used and the operations associated with the temporary storage and preparation of the product. 

The use of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) assists us in providing safe and high quality products for all to enjoy.

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